environnement design workflow

hello folks

Recently get a job where i have to create 4 differents realistic landscapes in UE (from pictures) for a live concert. They need to be dynamic (oceans, wind , weather etc…) and they will run live during the concert on a large output (5760 x 1080 px). For this i will use my PC wich is powerfull (rtx 4090, i9 13th 13900k)

it will be live from unreal because i will play with dynamics during the concert according to the music (kind of light vjing, its classical symphonic music)

I only have short a time to produce them and i have a few concern about the workflow because of the large field of view of the landscapes and the constraint to be photorealistic and run smoothly (25 or 50 fps)

wich do you think could be the smartest way :

  • use the unreal’s landscape mode, to create the mesh, then paint different materials on it, then painting some foliage, using Nanite

  • buy world creator , make the mesh and the material inside it and export it to unreal , then add some foliage, using Nanite

  • buy a brushify bundle, use the unreal’s landscape mode to create the mesh, then apply brushify to get the automatic materials and foliage but there are not Nanite compatible

  • other suggestion

any advice on this is welcome

thank you :slight_smile: