Environmental Artist - Speedsucht

Hello there,

I am currently looking for an Environmental Artist to create a single level for a tech demo for my game Speedsucht.
The ideal candidate will have previous experience creating environments in Unreal Engine 4, is able to integrate existing character mechanics and background story into a believeable environment and has interest in the Sci-fi genre.

Project Title

Speedsucht is a First-Person-Parcour game which plays both offline (e.g. the first level that will be created for the tech demo) and online (cities which act as hubs in which you can also see and interact with other players). The player begins the game in a hospital in which a spy is breaking into and accidently disables your anesthetic while trying to steal data which causes you to wake up. You get told that you were selected as part of a experiment with human bodies after you initially went to the hospital to sign-up for a slot in a cryogenic freezer to escape the current world situation.

Your goal in the first chapter (level) is to escape the hospital using given character mechanics (slide under objects, climb over fences, ledge grabbing, ladder climbing, ziplines, squeeze through tiny gaps) which are slowly introduced during the tutorial in a beliveable sci-fi-ish hospital / facility environment.


  • Ability to integrate existing character mechanics into an environment that gives the player a believeable reason why said mechanics are being used using given assets.
  • Advanced Knowledge using Unreal Engine 4
  • Understanding on how to use SVN
  • Portfolio with your previous works
  • Interest in Sci-Fi themed games, movies or other media


  • You live in Europe (especially Germany) for better time managment
  • Experience with creating enviromental assets yourself (can be extra paid for)
  • You created Sci-Fi themed environments before
  • Experience with Unreal’s Sequencer

If you are interesting in the described position, please send me an e-mail with your portfolio at kia[at]speedsucht[dot]pro