Environment/Prop Artist + lighting --AAA Quality

My name is Ashvan , I’m a 3D Environment/Prop Artist for the last 9 years or so.
I worked on many different projects from Arch-viz to game-Dev and UI Design. I’m not good at describing my skill-set tbh. so i will provide a link to my marketplace contents as well as a show-reel i made right now with samples i have on my HDD today for you get an idea of what quality i can provide for your project.
i worked with different game engines throughout, but mostly enjoyed working on unreal engine.
since UDK was released , I focused mostly on unreal engine in my free time as well as projects i accepted as a job .
I learned many thing in Unreal Engine , and worked with different tools , I can be considered a generalist of some kind. but I prefer the work I accept to be in environment design and props because I have total confidence in that area. but I can help you with different things in engine too.
I worked with many indies throughout the years and I understand limitation in those projects be it budget or workflow or unique pipeline they have to use because of the situation or even lack of knowledge in some cases in some aspects in development. We can exchange and learn and work together.
If you think we can work together, don’t worry about payment, contact me and we talk to come to an understanding. there is no cost to talk to each other, at least we can have one more fellow dev in our contact list.

Some stuff that I have good understanding:

  • 3D modeling
  • Texturing (different techniques and pipelines)
  • Lighting
  • Profiling (optimization)
  • PBR workflow
  • Animate (low to mid-level)
  • 2D (Photoshop and MOHO mostly and some experiments in UE4 too)
  • Super basic knowledge of c# , BP , Python (learned some stuff throughout the years for some projects and as a hobby so don’t count on it really)

Overall see me as a generalist in UE4, but remember that I only accept work in Environment Art and props. I help with what I can but see other stuff as a bonus.

Some of My Works

Marketplace Profile

Simple Show-reel Video
Sicka Showreel - YouTube

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**Discord: **CursedLorkan#4199
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