Environment Light advice?

Apologies, guess I shouldnt ask, admins please delete.

Very new to Unreal. I do have a couple years experience in Maya and Vue and a bit in Substance and Zbrush. I am wanting mostly to make outdoor environments in Unreal Engine. Have been as studies permit learning creating landscapes and populating with vegetation, textures and materials…all the good stuff. What I am really looking for at this point is good tutorials on creating outdoor lighting and atmospheres. Most of what I find is indoor. I just want to be able to create scenes with twilight or dusk lighting, scenes with something different than middle of the day bluesky.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

Here is a good tutorial to do nightime scenes: UE4 Tutorial: Night Time Lighting - Starry Sky with BP Sky Sphere Part 1/2

thank you for your tutorial. It is useful

Yea lighting is an art to it’s self but to pass on a tip I found very useful is to put all of you master lighting on to a separate streaming level.

Works great for a number of reasons.

1: If it does not work out delete the level and start again
2: If you find or download an environment with awesome lighting you can move the lighting elements to it’s own level and migrate it to your project.
3: Over time you will have a catalogue of ready to use lighting solutions.
4: Maintains continuity between different levels.
5: You can maintain editing and lighting builds on lower density sections of a larger map.
6: If you build enough from scratch lighting levels you can sell them on Epic’s market place :wink:

Best of all you learn faster by playing with stuff someone else has built :wink:

Thanks Frankie, building and saving on a layer and having a library is a great idea. had to break to study for my iT exam and just passed it so now a week off. Alot of this seems there is very little for newbies, it gets real serious real fast. Will be searching for a week and then on to the next exam. I just want to get to a point where I can reasonable create.