Environment is lagging

Hi all,

So I am currently working on a level and I recently bought a pack. The pack required me to get an updated version of the editor so I downloaded it and transferred my level to the new editor. In the old editor, my level never lagged and worked very well and was smooth when navigating. Now, in the new editor, it lags like crazy when I just go to fly through the level. The level is being made through world composition.

Any thoughts on how I may go about fixing this?

Thanks in advance

It’d probably help others to ascertain the cause of the issue if you could provide us with your system specs, and what engine versions you are using. =)

I am using engine version 4.16.
GTX 970
16 gb RAM
intel i5 6600

Screenshot of world / which pack ?

Alright so I’m using the kite demo assets, and the river blueprint shader at the moment.
The strangest part is that there aren’t very many models in the environment. And in the previous engine I was using, which was 4.14, the same exact environment never lagged in editor and when playing in editor. Another thing I noticed was that in the old engine, whenever I added a landscape texture or painted a landscape layer, the editor had a pop-up message which said baking landscape textures, I’m not sure how I activated it before.
For some reason my screenshots are not able to be uploaded.