Environment interaction

Hello! I’m very new here and to using Unreal (so I apologize for how clueless I am right now). And learning it was running pretty smoothly until I wanted to try something out on my own.

For a small, 2D adventure game I plan on working with a mechanic used in old Sierra games where you can interact with the game world using a set of actions (see, touch, speak, etc.) Someone suggested I create an enumeration and assign the actions to its contents. Useful information I’ll definitely be needing, but did not exactly relate to the roadblock I stumbled on. I wanted to know how I go about creating the actions themselves. Pretty sure this is probably easy to deal with, but I am not great at finding resources or documentation. I could really use some direction as to what I should do.

Basically what I’m aiming to achieve with this:

  • Actions are: View, interact (read and speak), touch/collect
  • Toggling between the actions using the scroll wheel, the cursor icons change accordingly
  • For the view and interact actions, a text box containing info shows up when the cursor hovers over the target (keep things from slowing down)
  • Touch and initiating a conversation would require clicking on the target

I’ll use this thread to keep track of progress.