Environment Creation

Just throwing some foliage into my heightmap, trying to get a feel for the tools, hoping to make this place look believable for my survival game :stuck_out_tongue:
gotta work on the lighting a ton more, and maybe a better shader on the speedtree’s

Added some bushes and rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good, I really like the last shot. Keep it up. =)

Messing around in editor, new speedtrees instead of the base models, some new rocks and some atmospheric fog… need to work on the grass model but it will do for now

that foliage looks awesome. What kind of fps are you getting?

getting 70+, get some drops around sunrise and sunset but nothing some optimization wont fix
running a gtx 770, amd 8120@4ghz and 16gigs of ram 1866

edit: just added more foliage working my way toward the mountain started detailing a little of the cliff face for some close detail. and now im off to bed :frowning: cause im outta coffee lol