Environment Artists

Title: UE4 programmer and UE4 Environment Artist
Company: Shenzhen Movie and Animation Company, Ltd.
Location: Shenzhen, China
Status: Full-time

About the company
Shenzhen Yili Movie and Animation was in the charge of Shenzhen Film Production Factory and its predecessor was Animation Department of Shenzhen Film Production Factory, but now it is an independent corporation specialized in producing animations. Its main business scope covers 3D animations, film special effects, games and so on. It has planned and designed and produced many animations, advertisements, special effects for CCTV and publishing houses as well as toy companies home and abroad for many times. We insist on the principle of innovation, teamwork and devotion. Our effort for advancing will never stop…

Job Description and Qualifications:

Creating VR games and other products according to company needs.
Currently we work in both cartoon and realistic styles.
Most of the scenes we require to build based on environment concept designs (nature, outdoors).
We also do animation in UE4 based on the storyboards.
Ideas for the visual style: cartoon, realistic, nature

Be able to do the following:
Substance Painter (a great plus)
Creating realistic concept environment scenes

If you are interested in this opportunity, please forward your portfolio to

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