Environment Artist for Post-Apocalyptic Diablo Style ARPG

Good afternoon everyone! I’m looking for someone to join Fledgling Studios in order to start bringing environments to life for our ARPG, Hellrift. Hellrift is a 3rd person loot-oriented RPG that is designed to be a spiritual successor to Hellgate: London in some ways. It takes place in a futuristic version of Earth that has been overrun by a demonic invasion. Below are some screens of the content we’ve been working on. To put it bluntly, we haven’t been able to find an environment artist that is a good fit for the team. We need someone dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic. The entire team has full time jobs and works on this on their nights and weekends. The position is a paid one, but everything is being paid for out of my pocket currently, so I don’t have a ton of money to throw around. We have a Patreon designed to alleviate that somewhat during our pre-alpha phase, but that won’t really take off until we get some gameplay footage together, which can’t happen without an environment. However, we also operate in a very laid back manner. I’m flexible with due dates, I don’t ask team members to put their lives on hold, none of that type of stuff. Everyone on the team is only a part of this project because they are excited about the possibilities and are enthusiastic about the material.

The environment artist that joins the team will have two environments based on concepts to choose from. They can work on either one. People that like the project and stick with the team to project completion will reap the rewards.

Interested parties can feel free to message me and I will be happy to answer questions and discuss particulars. Thank you for your time.

Hello, love the screenshots and the art style you guys have going…are you looking for someone to build levels and environment with assests you have already created…or are you looking for someone to build the models as well as create the levels? I have alot of experiance with UE4 and creating levels/lighting ect, and was curious as to what you guys are looking for…can also do blueprints and alot of other things inside the engine as well


Hi i am 3D artist and also i am pro in 3D scanning .
I’m working completely with zbrush , mudbox , c4d , photoshop and agisoft photoscan .
If it’s useful for you guys please give me skype account or whatsapp for talking .
Thanks in advance .

Just to clarify, this is a rev share right? Cheers!