Environment 1

I’m about halfway through building a new environment - one of a series. It’s still a bit unpolished at this stage but I’ve done some nice work on the water that I’d like to share.

Next up I’ll be showing off the landscape materials and some foliage.

Awesome! Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Details, give me the bloody details man! this looks unbelievable and so easy to manipulate to need/demand.

Screenshots added.

The water looks good. =)

What can we expect from this environment series? Sounds interesting.

Cheers! Whatever pops into my head. I’m trying to capture something other than generic stereotypical environments. This one is modelled after my home so there’s flora and colour tones that you might not find elsewhere.

Why is the water so bright in the distance? That really looks bad to me :confused:

Specular reflection. It’s physically accurate - the further away water is and the more oblique the angle the more the reflection diffuses. The general ambient colour outdoors on Earth is close to white, particularly in water that is disturbed.

Sometimes what is realistic is not the best way to handle it in games.

This looks nice :smiley:

Great job Anti! Keep up the good work…


This is some really nice work. It actually inspires me to do a couple of “wish there were already assets that…” projects.


Woah! Love it! All sorts of little details in this one.

This is still a little bit rough but I’ve managed to get the look I was after with the water and used it in a flash-flood. This scene will be included with the asset.

All deformation is procedural. Here is the base water surface mesh used with it:

Looks very awesome. Just missing the “impact splashes” when stuff is being hit. For example the tree’s when they are being hit by the water some sway and splashes. when the side of the mountain gets hit @ the little inham some mega splash etc.

want it, want it ,want it :wink:

Just a quick update to say that I’ve stalled a bit while I work on some other projects and updates to the other assets. This will still happen, I’ll update you all again when I resume work on it.