[Env] ZERO Gravity Capsule

Hello guys , First time posting here , i’m pretty exited !

I have been working on a sci fi capsule in zero gravity
It’s almost complete, but I have been working too hard on this and I need a fresh eye on this

I would love some comments on critics to get this from good to great
thanks guys

This looks amazing. My only criticism of it is that I want to see video and/or a playable download! XD Well done!

I like it; but I think more lighting would benefit the scene a lot more.

Looks great. Could you please coment something about this shaders pipe?

Thanks guys , @BrUnO XaVier Do you think it’s too dark overall ?ok do you think I should play more with spotlight and stuff ? @Nico The pipes are a blueprint from the Marketplace called : Splines :Ropes -Hoses- Sci Fi by purepolygons

It’s done !

Hello Guys , so I worked a bit more on my scene and now I call it done !, I hope you will like it ! you can see more wireframe and assets on my artstation

That is so good, the lighting improvement is excellent