Enums with Localization

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to translate C++ Enums with the Localization system

Right now, I’m defining my Enum this way:

VE_Health UMETA(DisplayName = “Health”)

but it is not recognized by the localization system.

Anyone know how it should be defined to be recognized?


Gathering from meta-data is a separate step to gathering from source code or assets.

If you’re using the Localization Dashboard, then you can gather from meta-data by enabling “Gather from Meta Data” option, and adding a path and key to gather text from.

Something like this:


doesn’t the meta data only exist in editor builds? Basically, will this approach work for localizing enums in the packaged game?

Unfortunately you’re correct - meta-data, including display name meta-data, only exists in editor builds.

If you need something that works in game then you’ll have to make something that maps your enum values to a corresponding FText value.