Enum problem maybe, not really sure

So I’ve got 4 camera’s that I’d like to rotate forward or backwards through. I set up an Enum with Camera1, Camera2, etc … and switch cameras on a Switch

Probably easier if I just show it:

Ok I haven’t set up the logic to rotate from 4 back to 1 yet, but one problem at a time. The problem is that everything works fine until I get to Camera4. The line for Camera4 is activating as can be seen here during debug:

But it’s not activating camera4. Camera 4 works. When I bypass everything and run the execute line directly to 4 it works fine:

I’m really at a lose here. Maybe it’s something simple, but I’ve been trying to get it to go for far too long now and I’m not getting anywhere. If I had any hair left, I’d be pulling it out. Could use another set of eyes.


Never mind. I need to drink some coffee or go to bed. All I needed to do was deactivate the previous camera. D’oh!