Enum Item System (Gear System like in Assassins Creed Origins)

Hi, me and some friend are trying to make a medieval Game, now we want a Gear Menu, like the one in AC Origins, for everyone who doesn’t know how it works, if you obtain a new weapon, this weapon will get into the melee weapons area of the Gear equip menu (only melee weappons are stored there) (the same exists for bows and so on). As soon as you klick on one of the Gear windows, you have the possibility to scroll down and if you click on one Gear Item it will get equipped. The weapon/shield/bow… you see as a “showcase” in the section of this certain type of equip is the one you have equipped.
It would be usefull if i could sort the strongest ones to the weakest (best are on top of the list, worst on the Bottom)
How could i make my wish come true?
I know how to setup enums and how to give a weapon one of the enum Types but for the rest i need help Thx a lot
Two links, if you dontunderstand what i tried to explain:



Thanks for helping me ^^

Ps: i am using Blueprints

In your content browser, right click to pull up the “Create” menu. In the bottom section (Create Advanced Asset), look for Blueprints, then inside that, Enumeration. This creates a user defined enum.

Once you’ve named it, you can double click to edit. To add options, click “New” in the top right.

Then, you can define each option, and add a description. You can add this to a blueprint just like any other enum.

Using an enum like this, you could define an item type such as “Sword”. You could then use that to create a blueprint for each weapon. Or, if you feel like being fancier, design weapons in a User-Defined Structure (which are created similarly to enums, in Blueprints > Structure). I would give it data like a mesh, a strength, a durability if needed, and a weapon type.

Then, your player’s inventory is just an array of these “Generic Weapon” Structures.

That’s how I would do it anyway.

I created types of Weapons, but how can i asign a type of weapon to a scrollbox(this box will now only collect one type0 of item), so that every Slot collects another type of item? I have a simple system, it collects the items and then creates a widget and places all items in one scrollbox but i want to change this so i can give the graph the ability to only collect one type of an item (e.g. a bow). And the i could copy it and only change the structure name or the enum name
Thanks for your help ^^