Enum as map key becomes unique even if ==

The new maps (in blueprints) are awesome but I believe there’s a bug, haven’t found a suitable workaround. Essentially the add node doesn’t overwrite with an enum as the key.

Steps to repeat:

  • Make enum with a few entries
  • Make a Map variable with said enum as type
  • Set up a for loop to populate it with
    data (I used string types)
  • i.e. for 0 to 10 add to Map at [enum] “words” (it should overwrite at shared key)
  • Get keys from Map and print each out
    (convert to string)
  • Prints 11 keys with the same name, should print 1 key

This kind of defeats the purpose of maps :confused: I assume converting to bytes or ints and using those as keys would work but that’s another node in lots of places, I want to avoid having to cast every time. If anyone can help with a workaround to turn an enum into a generic-ly equatable value, or something of the sort let me know.

I think I spoke too soon, too many nested loops got me confused and it hit the max iterations so I couldn’t debug easy. I believe I have it sorted.

Confirmed, I was printing within an inner loop instead of the outer… time to get some rest lol