Entry Level Guide to C++

Rama (aka evernewjoy) has put up a Wiki article aimed towards Unreal Engine 4 C++ newcomers.

Great, there’s a LOT of Unity users jumping in so this will be helpful indeed.

Also, take a look at Programming Quick Start. It walks you through creating your first class, compiling your project, and using your new class. :slight_smile:

Incredibly good tutorial,you explain what pointers are really nicely.

Ahh thanks for the link Lauren!

I added it to my wiki tutorial!

Any other Epic tutorials you think belong here feel free to let me know!

aww thanks Victor!

I was hoping experienced UE4 C++ programmers like you would appreciate my way of presenting the whole subject!

I was trying really hard to be creative with it :slight_smile:



Rama, this is AWESOME! This is what I’ve been looking for for the past week. You nailed all the little confusing things (like “what’s a -> or a ::?”) that were bothering me.

The only recommendations I can give (because constructive criticism is always good right? :)) is that you should clean up the formatting a little bit. For instance, it can be confusing to have instructions in a code text box. :slight_smile:

But seriously, that was really helpful. Thank you so much for being so generous with the community!

Exactly what i needed, been trying to get a handle of pointers all night but could not find a decent breakdown of them, thanks :slight_smile:

Yay I’m glad it helped!





Hmm, there are certain lines I want to especially emphasize, rules, or REALLY important things

I want to make sure they stand out

can you find an alternative wiki syntax highlighting or other way to emphasize certain 1-3 line sentences with extra-specialness ?

I don’t know too much about wiki editing, but I’ll try to help in any way I can :slight_smile: Maybe underlining, or bold, or something.

EDIT: I changed the really important things to be boldface and indented. IMO, that makes them stand out without making them look like code samples. What do you think? :slight_smile:

I liked your : formatting!

I tried many things, including color

but the bold was too intense, and I simply could not find what I wanted any other way

so although I appreciate your intent I ended up reverting


If you could please, try and find me a way to put text in a box, like the code box, but without turning it into code font.

I agree the code font is confusing

but I really want that box

Do let me know what you can discover!

here’s a good example of the code box I want in action, but without the code font

Sorry, I can’t find any other boxes :frowning: But maybe try underline + indent? That would be less eye-grabbing, while still looking important.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Those pesky T things! ;D