Entry and Advanced tutorials using Blueprints. Sample projects and GitHub repository with all systems

I’ve decided to share project I used for my core tutorials for UE4 via GitHub due to not even an advanced user can recreate complex feature from the scratch. I’ll continue developing in this repository and share my content and of course video lessons.
Please, watch this before

Link to repository is under the description.
Short list of features that work with each other:

  1. Interaction System
  2. Consumables and Pie Menu
  3. Grab and Carry items
  4. Quest System and Save System
  5. Dynamic Weather with Day Night Cycle and Landscape Auto-Material
  6. Health and Stamina Consumption System
  7. World Map and Minimap with Dynamic Navigation System
  8. PoI, Storytelling and Markers
    and so on.

More videos here:

Sharing is caring, enjoy :slight_smile: