Enterprise license (RESOLVED)

Have a few questions on licensing

We are looking to make an anime show using UE4. As most people on here we already have UE installed and used the default game license. But looking at the Enterprise license Epice states:

When we talk about “enterprise,” we are simply differentiating between those who use Unreal Engine for games and interactive entertainment applications, and those who use (or are looking to use) Unreal Engine for things like automotive visualization, architectural visualization, data presentations, linear entertainment, or any one of a thousand other uses that don’t fit into the wider category of games. Regardless of the industry you’re in, there is only one version of Unreal Engine.

Am I wrong in thinking the term “linear entertainment” would mean that the Enterprise license would be used for film production?


Is there anyway to switch between licenses without re installing? I personally have not checked to see if the version of UE is different between the two.


You can use UE4 under the standard EULA for film production. You do not owe royalty for revenues received for non-interactive linear media (e.g., tv shows). Please check out Section 5 of the EULA (EULA - Unreal Engine).

Unreal Studio provides you with some extra tools, including Datasmith. You can find more information in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine) to see if it better suits your needs. Please note that Studio is currently in open beta and will require a paid license at the end of the beta.

Thanks for the quick answer.

  Got to be careful when the lawyers start getting involved.