Enterprise Applications?

What is Epic’s intentions with “Enterprise Applications”? I know that UE4 is used for more than just entertainment purposes. What is the purpose however for automotive? Do they intend to make UE4 fit for manufacturing as well? Or will it be used for concepting ideas

Enterprise seems to mean non gaming or non entertainment purposes, mostly as some sort of business visualization.
I doubt UE4 will be used much outside of making things look pretty for customers, clients, or marketing (not counting VR, movies, or animation). Movies might be the one place I could see it as a powerful tool for development, not just for rendering a finished building, or car, or interactive presentation.

If you’re interested in using UE4 for things outside of gaming, then be sure to let them know what features you would like. It’s with the release of UE4 that they’ve seen more interest in that type of thing–mostly for Archviz stuff–so they definitely want to hear what things people want that can help with that.

Ultimately, there’s nothing stopping people from using it for that type of purpose, it’s essentially a 3D engine that you can program for whatever use you want. We used it to create some training software for example.

Hi junfanbl.

You may want to look over the Enterprise page at Other licensing options - Unreal Engine for an overview and a few examples in the “Success Stories” section.


What about for testing real world simulations? Like a ship of a certain design in water (just one example). Obviously in that case the emphases isn’t on how pretty everything looks, but more on calculations on the geometry itself in real time.

Out of the box you’re not going to get physically accurate physics or fluid simulation. Since you have source access, I guess you could try building that into the engine, but I assume there’s already applications built for and better suited for that kind of thing.

UE4 might be an option for displaying an interactive version of a baked down simulation of that sort.

For a crane operator training perhaps?