Entering state of machine without triggering its contents ?

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to animation blueprints and UE4 in general, but for the purpose of the Prototype i’m building I am looking for a way to :

In a state machine , go from State A to B, but entering B without triggering its content. I want it to settle in B, with the result that I left state A with.

Clarification : Lets say my character is expressing himself in a angry maner, I would like him to hold his last pose of that angry animation, while he enters State B. In state B a bunch of new animations become available that are attached to this expressive character.

So if he is playing animation 5 of my BlendByInt in state A, I want him to go to state B, and animation 5 in state B should be something different. But I do not want to trigger that upon entering that state.

The reason is, because I want to maintain in the last pose of my animation of State A. I’ve set the animation to Not looping, but as soon as I enter the next state, it triggers it. I do not want that :).

Tried to explain it in multiple ways :stuck_out_tongue: Hope its clear, And hope someone has a solution :smiley: