Entering 'Games App Id' for Play Services crashes the editor

Inserting the “Games App ID” in the Play Services section of the project settings crashes the editor for me.
Here is how to reproduce it:

  1. create a new project (c++, basic code, mobile/tablet, no starter content)
  2. Go to “Project Settings” → “Android”
  3. click “Configure Now” in the Play Services section
  4. enter a number in the “Games App ID” textfield and press enter

and thats where it crashes for me.
Here is the crash report data:

Hi blindbusdriver,

I was able to reproduce your crash, and have entered it into our tracking system. For reference, this issue is UE-16992. I was able to find a workaround; if you make sure to have the ‘Configure Now’ button pressed in the APKPackaging section of Android settings, proceed to Play Services and press the ‘Configure Now’ button and then put in your Games App Id, the crash does not occur.

Good luck!

awesome, thank you very much!

Any ETA on this fix? Also I have no ‘configure now’ button (UE 4.8.2) is there any other workarounds?

Hey ,

Thank you for checking in on this bug. It’s currently backlogged and isn’t resolved at this time. I also do not see any other workarounds provided for this specific issue. Please feel free to check back in on this bug at a later date. Since the bug has been backlogged it’s simply because other crashes or extremely vital bugs have taken it’s place in line to be corrected.

Let me know if you have any further questions, have a great day! :slight_smile: