Entering and leaving a spline

Hi all,

In a side scroller setting, I get the character to walk a predetermined spline, and it works well, rotating correctly and all. However, the tutos I watched prerequisite the character begins the level attached to the spline, and can only walk back and forth along the spline itself. So the question is, on a side scrolling level, how do I define the character to freely move, and freely enter and exit a single in-level section where the movement is determined by the spline?

A side question, unrelated: How to switch between several characters in runtime? Like here: The Lost Vikings 2 (SNES) Playthrough Longplay Retro game - YouTube

Hi - I’d say put an overlap volume at the beginning and end of the spline. That way you know when to set control to the spline and when to let if be freely chosen.

The video is about 400 years long, so I didn’t watch it, but the most common way to change characters is by possession: