Enter vehicle car with animation


ist it possible to make the player entering a vehicle with animation? (Now he just disappears when i enter a car an isnt on the drivers seat) Can i do this with blueprint and is this hard to code? It should work with different cars. Not only with one

The aimation for the player i have alraedy in the FBX file

Yes it is possible. Just change the collision type of the character so they can get in the car instead of being blocked by it. play the animation, then attach the character to the car and possess the car to control it instead of the character. You will need to also open the car door so the Character doesnt go through it as they enter it while animating.
If the animation is not root motion type you also.must keep the character location into the driver seat.
You may need to change character movement type to flying or none at some point but dont worry about that unless it has problems after attaching to the vehicle.