Enter Hex value in blueprint

Hello. I need to create an array of colors in blueprint and it seems that input box accepts only decimal values. Is it?

Look like it, but it sounds like good feature request for integer to support 0x input

For now you could use a workaround giving as input a string and then parsing it inside C++ code.

Yeah. For now I’m using Linear Color var. But it would be cool to have uint value as well as possibility to write hex in integer types.

use comments to comment on answers insted of posting new anwser:) currently only one int is supported int32, on rest you will get gray out invalid type, thru i didn’t checked uint32

Isn’t the Vector supposed to also hold RGB information or would that not work for your needs?

Yes, it’s possible to use vector. But artist gives me hex values, like 0x154AF6, and to use it with vector I need to convert it to decimal.

You should use FColor or FLinearColor for color thru it’s no much diffrent from FVector and you can’t still use hex