Enter collision box and on screen panel

How can I pop up a screen panel when I step inside a collision box? Initially I started to set it as an object that follows the camera, but shadows, lights and other objects may overlap it so im afraid of this method, I will try it anyways. More concrete I want when I go inside the red square to get a writing service and any message I write inside to be stored in a variable after I press enter.

In the viewport screenspace or in the blue screen stand thingy?

Have the Editable Text override onTextCommit:

In the viewport, just in front of the camera wherever the camera is

like a the pop up window when you press Escape while in world of warcraft game, but instead menu i want to write thing there

So it’s just this then:

You can (optionally) set where and how large it is.

I didnt understand the first two nodes, I dont know how to make widgets at all

edit: also how to initiate the text commit?

The first one creates the widget, the second one stores a reference - very similar to what you were doing to *ThirdPersonBP *variable in the other thread where I suggested casting.

You can learn about widgets here:…ide/index.html

You could start here:

It’s a whole new editor and some unique scripting opportunities.

And once you have Editable Text:


You can use its events to capture what the user typed.

aw thank you man!!! I will check those and keep the pictures u send me, I think I understand how this is organized, I watched a tutorial about macroes.
By the way do you know if I change a ForLoop node macro, is any changes I made permanent to any other project too ?

Copy it and make your own macros, and set up a macro library:…ary/index.html

Thank you very much