Enter-able Vehicle

I have a vehicle which I can set as a pawn, but I want to make the player enter and exit the vehicle. I want to make the vehicle be able to work in muiltiplayer too.

You can just the take control node in blueprints to take control of the vehicle, using a line trace to get the hit actor.

Your question is a bit vague.

Do you mean the animations for entering/exiting? How to spawn/despawn your character when they go in/out of the vehicle? How to set which player controller posses the vehicle in multiplayer?

I assume he means all of it. Another case of wanting something done completely without putting in the work to figure out the different problems

Well seeing as how there is very vague documentation and maybe one video -that is done improperly- I suppose he is suppose to use the force in your opinion.

I can give you the basics but getting them to work can be difficult…

A: you need to possess the vehicle
B: you need to switch the character controller
C: you need to do whatever you need to do with your hud if you are using one.