entaniya 220° FOV fisheye lens

Hello, i want to use a fisheye lens with a sony a 7rii and i was thinking for a entaniya lenses, did we have anyone to use that lens?

Reality capture works well with a fisheye lens?

I have now heard of the lens before, but anyways, using fisheye lens in RC will most likely result in errors and I do not recommend using it. Also I would recommend going for 20mm as the lowest correct solution, 16 could work too but is already a little risky.

I’ve been using 14mm (nikon, smayang) on dslr for quite a while, with great results.

Any explanation why under 20mm RC may create problems?

Both lens and perspective distortion raise rapidly under 20mm, I am not saying you could not work with a 14mm but you’re taking a risk of either losing accuracy or misalignments in my opinion. It is up to you though, as long as you get what you expect, it’s fine.