Enormous disk use by UE4

Sorry if this has come up before, but I haven’t been able to find it in searches.

I have a Win10 system with lots of disk space. But UE4 seems to be being a bit voracious. I am running UE4.15.3 and 4.16.2 (migrating) and do have a lot of purchased/Imported assets. At the minute, here’s what disk space UE4 is taking up:

Under C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games: 10.97GB

It seems to be related to 4.14 - the version I started with, but uninstalled. I thought.

Under C:\Program Files\Epic Games:

\UE_4.15: 15.97GB

\UE_4.16: 18.56 GB

Now, I have moved the Vault to another drive. Otherwise I’ve stuck to Epic’s edicts and followed their interfaces. Yet still there is the following folder, under the Users area, that is impressive:
C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine: 36.49 GB

Underneath this is a DerivedDataCache that has subsections from 0-9 that take up almost all this space.

So, even though I’m running two versions as I migrate projects, I’m looking at a total disk space of 81.99GB.

Some of this (like the 4.14 stuff) must be excess to requirements - what is safe to delete?

Thanks for any and all help,

John B

Hello Slaughterteddy

Yes UE4 eat disk a lot. If you are working with “auto-save” function which is enabled by default, it takes a lot of disk space. That’s why i installed the engine on my external. Yes it’s slow a bit but there was no other choice for me. I do not recommend to close auto-save function if you don’t have backup. This is only one thing that can cause disk space problems as i know.

Good luck.

Thanks for that. I’ll keep looking to see if there is anything dumpable! S

Can I delete the files 0-9