Enigma Prison

Enigma Prison Game

“An puzzle/exploration game that will make you sharpen senses to escape. Use the tools you found along the way to create new paths, duplicate itself, teleport and more. Do not let the soothing Atmosphere of this fortress fool you as it is full of hidden traps and psychological obstacles that require strategic reasoning and cold blood to escape.”

FB Page:

UEDPIE_0_Level_Gallery_02-Windows-15-15.27.330 copy.jpg

More screenshots and trailer soon!


** - When the game will be released?**
End 2016

** - Which game engine you are using?**
Unreal Engine 4

** - Are you really doing this game alone?**

** - Which languages the game will have?**
Brazilian Portuguese

** - Which platforms the game will run?**
PC (Windows)

** - Is there plans for a console release?**
After the steam release, if the community shows interest I will definitely do it



Looks amazing!

Looks really cool! I especially like the pics on your indiedb page (the one with the grass and the glowing butterflies) :slight_smile:

Oh yes, just saw the extra pics on IndieDB, looks amazing! My favorite kinds of games are puzzle games,please do post a link to a Steam greenlight page once/if you have one so I can vote!

Thank you guys!

I’ll work on a video teaser so I can post it on steam :smiley:

Looking forward to your votes!

Already voted, it looks really good :slight_smile:

Looks really interesting and nicely polished so far. Voted on greenlight.

Enigma Prison Greenlit by the community!

Enigma Prison is now greenlit! Little more than 4 days and #10 best of greenlight with an overwhelming approval. I could not be happier.
Thank you everyone supporting the project, Steam for the amazing platform and of course Epic with its amazing Unreal Engine 4.
Stay tuned for more news.


Congratulations! The UI and Art Style looks really cool, very minimalistic and a bit like Portal. How long have you been developing it? As far as I can see it’s only you working on it, which is quite impressive!

Amazing looking. I love puzzle game. Will take note of the progress.

hey I just made a website for the game
what do you guys think?


Site looks nice:) Hope our is not bad too:)