EnhancedInput - can't access modifiers in blueprint

Need to expose modifiers to blueprints.

Currently, you can only access the default modifiers that you set for your InputAction (pic 1 and 2). We don’t have access to modifiers that are added to a specific key in the InputMappingContext (pic 3).

For example in my InputAction “Yaw” I need to have separate sensitivities for Gampad and Mouse, so I can’t just apply a Scalar to all my Yaw keys, I have to do it separate for each one. But if I want to make a HUD so players can set their sensitivity, I only have access to the default Yaw modifiers that I set up. There doesn’t seem to be a way to access the specific modifiers that I set for Gampad and Mouse.

Hi ugmoe,

Currently the only way to modify mapping level trigger/modifier data at runtime is via Map Key, which returns an EnhancedActionKeyMapping reference:

This means you’ll need to call Unmap Key then Map Key for the specific key whenever you want to modify its sensitivity which is definitely more work than it should be. We’ll be looking into improving key mapping flow before the main UE5 release.


thanks for the reply, looking forward to the improvements.

One other problem, I don’t see a way to get a reference to InputMappingContext in blueprints.