Enhanced Input - read action value

currently trying to learn/understand the Enhanced Input plugin in UE5. The issue that I’m facing is that the BP node Get InputActionName that should return the value of the input action is raising a blueprint compiler error “Unexpected node type K2Node_GetInputActionValue encountered at…”.
Any idea how to resolve the issue?

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Same issue

Ran into this problem today. In my case, I was trying to use the value to do math with other floats (double, world transform), but the value from the input is a single-precision float and it seems the automatic conversion when connecting the nodes doesn’t work properly. Doing an explicit conversion (“Math/Conversions/To Double (Float)” node) on the input value fixed the issue for me.

Yep, same issue, and same fix worked here. Yay!

Apparently its stubborn refusal to generate the correct conversion nodes gets even sillier if you want to print one of these values. You gotta pass it through 2 different conversions, seems like.