Engrams not showing up in loaded mod.

Pretty self explanatory title.
I made a mod that has altered data for XP (just to test if it takes), and I added new items and Engrams to the additional engrams array.
The Engrams show up at the end of the list in the editor but when I upload I get no Engrams in Single player mode.
I know the mod is loaded because my modified XP values show up.
Is there a way to resolve this? Do I need to download my dev kit from scratch?
Also, could somewhat make a simple set of guides that explain how to do these things in very basic terms.
Things like adding a new item to the game or modifying ammo are not that easy to figure out.

Using 190.0 Kit and 192.0 Game.

Try adding the engrams to the already existing engrams list, this way you can place it in a specific spot. I made a new pick in version 189 and that is where I placed my engram and it worked. According to the functionality of your new item it could be easy or a much longer process. A guide is a great idea for these basics. There are several things I’ve learned over the past few weeks that I should probably share. I’ll start working on a few tonight, such as creating a new inventory for a custom playerpawntest, overridding vanilla items and engrams, and creating new ones.

@OP are you using a custom PrimalGameData with “PrimalGameData” in it’s name? (without quotes)

Example: PrimalGameData_EngramTest

If not, that would be why. StudioWildCard posted earlier that PrimalGameData’s for mods need to have PrimalGameData in the name.

Just checking, you probably do have this setup correctly though already.

And is your forceloading map set to theisland with the primalgamedata_custom mapped to your dummy map correctly?

Again doubtful it’s either of these since you reported the modded XP values as showing up, but just want to be sure.

Further Note: the PrimalGameData asset name actually needs to START with “PrimalGameData”, such as “PrimalGameData_MyMod”. Sorry about the confusion on that, the code was written too strictly!

Ah ty for the clarification Drake! Didn’t realize it has to start with it too. Doh.

Thanks. I don’t have PrimalGameData in my gamedata’s name so i will be trying that out now.

Also, make sure that the PrimalGameData is at the root of your mod folder, it also does not read the file correctly unless it is in that very first folder.

Ok thanks all. So far it is working. Engrams and data are both showing up.

YAY!!! That’s fantastic news.

Glad to hear it’s resolved and working :smiley:

Closing thread since the problem is resolved