Engrams not showing up in game

When I try to use my mod in the game, my mod won’t show up at all no matter what I try to do to fix it.
I’ve been working on this for hours and I’m ready to give up.
All it’s supposed to do is change the Longneck Rifle to a different color, and add a new bullet that increases torpidity over time to a target.
It works in the editor, but will not show up as an engram (Or show up as a mod in general) in the game.

any solutions?

If you can spawn the item in via code in-game, the engram addition in primalgame data is usually the issue. If you can’t, have you checked all the basic mod files to make sure that everything is in order? Like the map, primalgamedata, etc?

I heard things have changed from when I first started modding for ark, but the generic mod example should have the base files to get you started. Just copying them, though, will not work. You have to go into each one and make sure that they are pointing to the new versions instead of the old ones. If you just copied them over, primalgamedata will still be pointing to the gamemode in the generic mod folder.

Hey daz96050,

Can you do me a favor and take a screenshot of the engram settings for this item? (Both PrimalGameData & the actual literal Engram blueprint settings) I try not to download anything unofficial, as its a risk I’m not willing to take with my work rig, so if you could screenshot that and post it here that would be immensely helpful with me helping in diagnosing the issue.


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Sorry I haven’t replied in a few days, i forgot that I wasn’t getting any more notifications. I’m working on getting the screenshots now

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This is a Screenshot of everything I have changed from the defaults of the weapon and it’s damage modifier. The engrams and items are in the Blueprint classes, and master item list (Respectively).

So I followed the tutorial one more time and somehow the entries are working. However, I want them to be built in the smithy, but they are unable to be built in the current smithy and I’m assuming they would have to use a new one.
Is there any way to make them be able to be built in the previously built smithy rather than having to build a new one?

No, it doesn’t work like that. Currently the game, evidently, doesn’t support dynamic/real-time-ish updating of the inventory component, which makes sense to a degree.

To update the inventory component, thus updating the PrimalItems that have been assigned to it, a new one needs to be placed.


ok. thanks for that. I’ll just add it directly to inventory then