Engrams not showing in existing game/server but show in new games/map

I’ve watched a few tutorials so I thought the easy thing would be to copy an item and make some minor tweaks to it, and see it in action (before I try to make any complex modifications)

Steps I’ve taken so far:
Created a new, blank map. Saved it to my own Mods/MyMod folder
Copied the GenericMod’s GameData and renamed it (placed inside Mods/MyMod folder)
Copied the GenericMod’s TestGameMode and renamed it (placed it inside Mods/MyMod folder)

in the new map I made I went to the world settings and changed:
Game Data to use the copied one
Game Mode to use the copied one
Set the map to load override to “TheIsland”

I then copied the spear (Engram, Blueprint, Weapon, and Proj)
I also copied the narcotic (engram, icon, and blueprint)

Made my changes to these items
I then went to the GameData and added them to the master Item list and Engram List
compiled, saved everything, cooked the Mod, and then uploaded (friends only)

I can see and use my items in the test environment (devkit run) even research, and craft them, works perfect in there
But in my existing server/game (not simple to just wipe it and restart for some little changes, when they should just inject anyways) they don’t show. One of my friends that hadn’t made their own single player game, created one, and they work fine and he can see, research, and craft them.

I’ve looked around at other posts similar to this and seems some people are just lucky and their mod works 100% no matter what, others are hit and miss (some servers load them, others dont) or a few people are like me and it pretty much doesn’t work (unless it’s a brand new server/game)

Like I’ve mentioned I’ve watched a few tutorials, followed the steps, tested in the devKit, and published it. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Unless the DevKit just S**t the bed lately.
Also anything that you need me to post, screenshot, look for and post to help me with this, I will get it. (altho I’m new to UnrealEngine and this DevKit coding and modding I am not. So some paths or locations I might need them posted like “PrimalEarth/CoreBluePrints/Weapons/etc/etc”)

Don’t use the “Master Item List” and the “Engram Blueprint Classes” arrays for your mod.
That’s a pretty common mistake because a lot of tutorials(including the outdated official one) tell you wrong.

If your item has an engram the only thing you need to do is add it to the “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” array.
This makes sure that your mod inherits changes to the base game and does stack with other mods that add engrams.

Are you running any other mods when testing this with an existing game? If so one of the other mods could already be overriding the “Engram Blueprint Classes” array and causing your changes to get ignored.

As far as i know you don’t need to set the “Game Mode Override” in the level (you should have already set the “Default Game Mode” in the primalgamedata to your mods gamemode) but im not sure if this can cause any problems.

“Force Map Load” should be fine as long as you want your mod to only work with TheIsland. Usually it is recommended to leave this blank.

Awesome they now show in game, well one does. Another one was a consumable like the narcotic. Can learn it but can’t make it in the mortar and pestle, but that’s another issue that hopefully can be resolved as I dig more into the blueprints. Thanks for the help