Engram Restriction Settings


I’m looking into creating a make shift class system using engrams (trapper, builder, blacksmith, etc). My plan is to create starter engrams that will be a requirement for future engrams. For instance, only builders can make metal structures. I’m curious if anyone knows of a way to restrict engrams so if someone picks Builder they can’t also pick Trapper? My one solution currently is making them require an insane amount of points so a player can only afford one. (Player starts with 5000 engram points and can only buy one class engram)

Any thoughts/ideas?


you’ll have to wait for the next update to do this i believe. After thats out itll probably require Blueprinting.

My personal suggestion is wait till August 13th when they release the total compatibility update for the Dev Kit. Until then, it’s gonna be a total pain to do. Also I suggest you start studying into Blueprinting in Unreal Engine, because you will need to do most of this with blueprinting. Check out this thread that myself and the community has been compiling that contains some very useful tutorials on blueprinting, and more that should tremendously help you in this venture :smiley:!

Technically you can do this as is in the current system, and probably really easily. Engrams when learned are hidden items given to the player in a special inventory. Say you make four new player pawns that start each with a unique engram that you don’t add to the learn able engram list. You can change all the engrams in the game from that point to also require whatever unique engram that the players would have in their starting hidden inventory.

Op would still need to blueprint in the class system right now that they are mentioning which in itself is going to be a task in my opinion (I’m thinking OP wants the class available to choose on char creation with a menu for it, eventually, kinda like Arma 3: Breaking Point has if you’ve ever played or have seen that mod for Arma 3).

But as for the engram setup part, as Drathek mentioned, you could actually do it right now using what is available currently, but I don’t think you would be getting all the results you are looking for if you want a true class based system with UI elements, etc.

But if you just want something simple, then you could easily do it just via engram setups. I’m just thinking you will want to go bigger later with it more than likely :stuck_out_tongue: