Engram problem on dedicated server


I have a problem with my Mod…

I made 3 new gates and added them in the coredata (i post my coredate so you can check)
All was fine and you can use them on singleplayer and on dedicated servers. After i updatet my mod and added 4 new gates the 3 old still can be learnd
but the 4 new cant be learnd on dedicated server… they get green and you can click on Learn engram but nothing happend…

Anyone have an idea to fix this ?

This is a screenshot from my Primalgamedata file :

For starters, I don’t think you want to be using Additional Structure Engrams… making a giant gate inside a workbench doesn’t really make sense!
I don’t understand what you mean: “they get green and you can click on Learn engram but nothing happend…”

Try removing the workbench dependency… if that doesn’t work… try the mod in single player and report back on if it works there.

Lastly, what is the name of your PrimalGameData file… exactly? It needs to start with PrimalGameData…

This actually sounds like a problem many of the servers hosting ArkReborn are having. You need to make sure that your command line is PERFECT for it to fully execute the mod.

“TheIsland?GameModIds=485964701?listen?SessionName=<server name>?ServerPassword=<password>?ServerAdminPassword=<password>”

That would be a FULL command line to start a mod (obviously change out the mod id. That should actually fix your problem your having.

You make the Metal Dinogate and the Behemoth Gate in the Workbench why my gates not ?

Are you rebuilding the workbench?

If you add something to the “additional structure engrams” array, you have to rebuild that structure in the world. ie: rebuild your smithy.

It sucks, I know.