Engram List Laggy

Hey guys I need a little help. It seems that my mod might be making the engrams list laggy on my server. I followed this guide: and everything works perfect except for 2 things.

  1. Laggy engrams list
  2. When I load a game or load onto my server. I actually can see the game load my Starter Kit’s PrimalGamedata with the map itself. I don’t think that it should be doing this.

Now granted we run over 40 mods on our server, so the lag could just be due to the sheer amount of mods.

Here’s my mod if you guys wanna check it out:

If you’re running 40+ mods on a server, then yes, things are going to lag, very quickly. I doubt four engrams are going to cause the issue.

At any rate, are you sure it’s this particular mod that’s causing the lag? I.e have you disabled it and does the issue still persist?


Thanks for the reply. I figured the amount of mods would cause some lag, but I just wanted to make sure. I just assumed it might be my mod because I started noticing it around the time i added my starter kit to the server. I will disable it and see if the issue persists.

I posted a bug to foll9ow up with this, but we need comments and compaints on this bug or it will just get ignored.