Engram Career Path mod - advice and help needed.

If anyone has a bit of time, I wonder could they help me with a small project?

I would like to split engram choices into 3 career paths:

Technology (Defense), Nature (Taming) and Weaponry (Offensive)

Basically going blue green or red limits your choices -

for example Blue (Technology) Gives you access to High level building components like Metal walls etc and the devices, but locks out high level taming.

Green (Nature) Allows the highest level tames, but you have to stick to building with wood. Not even stone.

Red (Offensive) Gets you the big weapons, but no taming and you’re limited to stone.

I’m hoping it would be easy enough to make 3 “starter engrams”: Green blue and red, and then make the rest of the engrams dependent on at least one of those.
Since engrams keep coming in with updates, and other mods add them, then I think basically such a mod would probably need an “admin” interface that would allow us to easily add which engrams belong to which skill tree. That would be the hard part.

Basically this would encourage in-game cooperation and bartering and tribes to diversify, and also allow for decent Role-play - for example a tribe of feral hunters in the swamp could make a conscious choice to not use metals in their habitat - but they come downriver to trade the best dinos.

If someone could point me to a dummies guide to engram editing then maybe I can try to get started on my own - but of course the more people could help out the better. I’m sure what will take me a year to figure out will take some of you guys 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Anyway - I’m not a programmer, I just thought this would be a cool idea, and I would like to tie it into my own Dedicate Roleplay server ARK AZURA.

Roleplay guidelines

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I just want to add that If you’re a modder looking for a place to make your ideas work - or looking for a place to get started, and like the idea of building a community then maybe this would be a place for you - and frack we could really use the help right now


What about making every for that path engram require the starter red, blue, or green engram?

yeah that was what i was thinking :slight_smile: I would like to be able to update it with engrams that come from other mods as well, and maske it easy to check balances. Also to be able to disable engrams that are too overkill - for example if vehicles come in they might be a bit of a distraction if we want to play more dinosaur-focused

Engrams are pretty much the simplest part of editing: you make them, you link them to items, you make them require other engrams if desired.
The problem is if you want to have people specialize. You could have exactly enough points to only research one tree (maybe even not fully), but that is not a strict boundary.
However, removing/editing engrams per person will require a difficult graph, if it is at all possible.
Mod compatibility will forever remain an issue, as you have no way to make them interact, and likely never will to any significant extent. Your best bet might be just focusing on your own designs - that was what I chose.

You are a little late-- the Scientist Mod is already well developed and on the way. It’s BETA, so the break down of the tree isn’t quite in place yet - but with nearly 50 constructible and unique items only they get - it’s following that path.

This mod is now under work.


We’re looking and hoping for more people. Please take a look and see if anything interests you :slight_smile: