English speakers living in tokyo here?

looking to organize a small meet up to get to know more of the community

You can join already existing groups at or their Facebook page.

Going to the mecca of technology to form my business as long as everything goes smoothly after release. I’ll be able to speak N1 Japanese although.

im close to niigata and yamagata if there is any one close please say hello .

Hello guys, Im Vietnamese and Im looking for coorporation oversea from Japan

Like I can set up a VietNamese team for 3D Architectural Visualization in VietNam and receive Project from Japanese customers. So we can take advance from VietNamese 3D product fees (I think would be much cheaper than Japan)

Can you share with me where i can find people wanna work like this, because i dont have any connection from Japan but i got N2 JLPT hope that could help some :smiley:

Australian Architect here, working in Tokyo, just migrated workflow for static exterior and interior cgi work with UE4.

Finding it a very steep workflow.

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