Engine won't open project

Dear community,

I’m no programmer but an Artist trying to collab with 2 programmers. I’ve spend quite some time making levels and art before they put some of the programming in. Now we’re sharing the project through Atlassian Bitbucket but I can’t seem to open the project anymore. ( See screenshots below)


I first get this message, If I press yes it goes on to the next screenshot, no will close the engine directly.


Loadbar takes for absolute ever but eventually I get a new loadbar which went a bit too quick to make a screenshot off.


The result…

If I press show log in screenshot 2 I see:

License is invalid:
License information is invalid. Please try reloading your license file using the Coordinator Monitor application on the Coordinator machine, or reinstall IncrediBuild.
This build will run in standalone mode.

I have no clue what “Incredibuild” is or what it is used for let alone if this is the problem.

What have I tried ??

  • I’ve updated the engine this did not work. got an error ( see bottom)
  • I’ve redownloaded the engine ( we’re using 4.22.3 )
  • I’ve redownloaded visual studio 2019 (twice) made sure the unreal module + anything i could even think that could remotely be involved.

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this ?

– Both programmers can open the project –