Engine Version Wrong


Thank you in advance. I created a game in 4.8, I just updated the epic launcher, and now it’s saying it was created in 4.9 and it’s making my vr headset glitch out in that version. Is there anyway to revert it back to 4.8?

Thanks again,

uum no, i don’t think so!

Hi Jarrod,

Do you still have UE4.8 Loaded in your library? If not, download and install that version, then open in 4.8. When you install a newer version and launch it, when you go to open a project it is recommended to open a copy of the original project (which it prompts you to do) leaving the original 4.8 untouched. Did you accidentally convert to 4.9 by opening your original and not a copy? In which case, it’s doubtful you will be able to recover the 4.8 version flawlessly, unless you have a back up on an external drive, folder etc.

However, you can try this: Go to the folder location and make a copy. In the copy, right click on the uproject file and choose, “Open with version…” Select 4.8. This may work if you have not altered any other files.