Engine Version Updates Failed and Marketplace Downloads Fail to Initialise

Hi, I’ve been attempting to update to v4.7.4 throughout today however I keep getting the error of “Install Failed: The Installer Failed to Initialise”. Is this some sort of server load issue? I’ve tried cold rebooting my PC but I have no luck. I’m using the Windows 10 Professional x64 tech preview. Additionally, I’ve been attempting to download the Open World Demo Collection however it doesn’t seem to be compatible with v4.7.3. Any help with these kind of major issues are appreciated.

I also had an issue with the 4.7.4 version :frowning: the topic si called About 4.7.4 and I hope they can tell me about a way to fix and keep far the autoupdates, I really don’t like that forced feature :frowning: Version 4.7.3 was fantastic…

I too, noticed this problem. However, I have also completed a build of the promoted branch, so yay 4.8. If you are willing to build from source, just get it from Github, using the release branch. Its probably just an error on the server end, cause i downloaded 4.7.4 on my laptop recently with no problem.

I guess I’ll just stick with v4.7.3 for now until it gets sorted out. I might just jump to v4.8 when it’s done. I don’t really want to use a beta version off Github.

I have the message “Not Installed Unreal Engine 4.7.4” But when I click inside “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” I can work without problems, even that message… Weird. I can also download from marketplace and create projects from epic launcher, so I think I will keep the 4.7.4 for now. Yes, I was also thinking to compile from source, but my computer is slow for now, how much time consuming is for the engine to compile if I can ask?

The engine takes quite a while to build, however you can do other light tasks while running the compiler. The more cores, the better (My quad core laptop: 1 hour, vs my 12 core desktop: 15 minutes)

The Launch button is not supposed to force you to update. This is a known issue and has been reported as OPP-3117. It is marked as high priority and currently under assessment.

Still unable to install v4.7.4 after what is now 4 days. This is getting pretty ridiculous. I clicked install however it’s stuck on “Please wait” for hours now.

Hi Icaraeus,

Please post this to the answerhub at in the installation and setup section so we can assist you more in depth.