Engine update broke my Begin/End Overlap triggers!

Howdy folks. So I just picked up development on a project that I haven’t touched since April, when I was running 4.7. Now that I’m using 4.9, a BP I had made to climb a ladder no longer works. Essentially, when I enter a specified volume it turns player movement to flying, then back to walking when you exit that volume.


It used to work just fine, now it doesn’t. If I look at the blueprint during runtime, both the BEGIN and END overlap events are firing simultaneously when I enter the volume. What gives?

Update: I haven’t solved this issue, but it seems to be related to the trigger volume being a static mesh actor. If I make 2 identical blueprints, one with a standard box volume as the trigger, and one with any static mesh as a trigger, the box volume executes fine, but the mesh volume fires it’s begin and end overlap triggers simultaneously.

But I don’t know why that is the case…

Might have to do with the defaults of collisions settings have changed over time for Static meshes.

You should really be using volumes for your purposes I think anyway, not static meshes.

What is the reason for this? If I need to start doing it that way, then so be it, i’ll adapt. However, I found it a lot easier to make some simple geometry in max that conformed to the unusual shape I needed for my volume.