Engine Takes a lot of Disk space

Engine takes 25-36 GB after compiling (in VS).It’s a lot.How can It’s size be reduced?
I just need the editor and publishing features,I don’t program in C++.
Can some folders be deleted to reduce the size?

May I ask, why are you using source UE4 instead of the binary edition if you don’t program in c++? It seems an awful lot of effort.

Anyway though, after you’ve built the game the “intermediate” folder is of no use since it holds files necessary while building, but not used after. You can also delete the template and sample folders in the root as they including things like the starter content and stuff. Provided you have a project you are working on they will not be needed.

That should reduce the usage by quite a bit. Although I’m not sure there is anything else you can remove safely.

Unless you have a super valid reason you might consider using the binary version of UE4 as it strips out some binaries as well. I think it comes in around 7-8gb. Or at least in that region. Which is much more manageable.

First of all,Thanks for your time

I don’t program in C++ for our current project (I am noob in C++),But my team members DO.:smiley:

Is there any reason that I shouldn’t delete the “Source” folder?Is it needed for publishing or blueprint development?

As far as I know it’s not important once you have the built binaries to work with. But I still wouldn’t want to delete it. It’s likely your team members will make changes to it which will require you to rebuild the binaries. And it’ll be easier to update a couple of source files than all of them every time someone makes a change.

Obviously you make make up your own mind on this. I am reasonably sure that once the binaries are built, and you have no intention of programming yourself the source folder isn’t useful. If someone else would clarify that for me then you’re all set.

You can enable NTFS compression for the folder your engine build lives in. My working build is 40,9 GBs large and uses 20,3 GB disk space.

You can also have it live on a NTFS deduplicated drive, that will spare unblievable lots of space, but is quite slow and the .NET tools have trouble to distinguish between deduplicated files and symbolic links.

FYI, it’s not uncommon to have projects easily get to the hundreds of GBs, especially if you are storing the raw asset files somewhere (PSDs, MB, MAX, etc). I suggest buying a 1+ TB HDD and tossing your install on that. Storage is cheap, thankfully.

I personally would suggest getting a 1tb WD Black. Good price, reliable.

I’m using source UE4 for some server experiments like this…but after compilling some part of engine and repeat that for more test and something like that, size of engine grew up to more than 70GB. is it normal?