Engine Splash Logo

Hello everyone,
im new here and i have question in mind please,
now when i create a game is there any way to remove UDK engine logo splash from game startup ? is there license i can do to remove this any chance ?


Please post UDK questions into the UDK forum (or do you mean the UE4) -> :slight_smile:

Your are not allowed to remove the video, but that’s how to change the logo: or

“• remove or modify any product identification or trademark, copyright, or proprietary notices, legends, symbols, labels, or this Agreement from the UDK, , except that You have the right to change the splash screen, including the right to remove the UDK logo and product identification from the splash screen, but you do not have the right to remove or alter the Powered by Unreal Technology and Bink Video logo videos following the splash screen;”

Thanks for kindly response , i think i confused a bit and sorry
i mean the Unreal Game engine (the new one which i got in my computer) is it same way ?


To change the Splash Screen logo, go to Edit -> Project Settings then down in the Platforms section click on Windows, from here you can change the splash screen image to anything image you want. :slight_smile: