Engine Source?

Normally when I’ve download a new release, I get the engine source for the editor in XCode which I use for reference. With 5.0 (EA, P1, P2 and the final 5.0.0), the engine source folder is empty in XCode. I haven’t tried loading it on VS yet because I currently don’t have a functional Windows box. Is the installation of Unreal now changed so I have to go to github and pull a copy to have engine code as a reference, or is it just a bug in the UE 5 XCode set up? That is to say, do all of you get the engine code on your VS installations? Anyone using XCode, do you see the editor source on 5.0? (edit: see the bottom of the thread for details on how to correct this).

Yes we see engine source in 5.0 visual studio.

Darn it. XCode project file is delivered bad again. Thanks for clarifying. I guess it’s time for another bug report… or a PC. :wink:

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This is a followup to where the problem is with XCode not showing the source for the engine on UE 5.0.

If the project had a different directory path at the time you converted to 5.0, the Build configuration (Product->Scheme->Edit Scheme->Run) will not shift that path any longer with Refresh XCode Project or the right click on the uproject file. Even though it compiles normally from the current project directory and generates the object code correctly for the editor/project, it will not show the engine source nor will it run the Editor directly on a compile.

Look at the path in that Run category and if it’s not correct, fix it manually. Then the engine source shows up and you can run out of XCode to actually test.

In previous versions, this path was updated when the XCode project was refreshed.

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