Engine Source Folder?


I need to know the if the “Source” folder located in the “Engine” folder contains all the required UE4 source code to build the engine ?
OR If this is just a subset of something ?

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Roughly speaking, yes - it’s all the source code for the engine. But you need the Engine/Build folder to be able to build it, and a bunch more stuff (Engine/Binaries, Engine/Config, Engine/Shaders and subset of Engine/Content) to run it. You might also want the source code for the default engine plugins in Engine/Plugins.

What are you trying to do?

Well then, What is it for ? Why is it there ? If It’s not for building the engine ? Why do I need it ?

I did try finding the document(s) that explain why this folder exists and what it is used for, but I could not.

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I don’t quite understand.

You are correct in understanding that the engine source folder contains source code for building the engine. The Engine/Build folder contains tools and scripts which actually build it. The Engine/Binaries folder contains some third-party tools and libraries that are loaded by the engine at runtime, and the Engine/Content folder contains assets which the editor requires.

Might be he’s looking at the launcher version. The source folder there contains only header files, isn’t it?

If that is so, they are there so that you can build your game using c++ against the installed version of the engine, not to rebuild the engine. The full source code is on github.