Engine source code not found

Dear UE4 community

Whenever I try to start a new project with c++ I’m told that I’m missing the engine source code.

Do I need to download it through Github and then place it in the corresponding directory or is there another, more correct way?

Thank you

You should be able to make a C++ project even with the launcher version the engine, can you provide a screenshot of the error you are getting?

This is the error message I’m given when trying to create a new C++ project:

I can get into the editor but it’s only c++ projects where I run into this issue. I also can’t create c++ components within a project.

Probably you didn’t check Engine Source when installing from the launcher. You can add it easily:




I have the Engine Source checked for each version I got installed, but it’s still giving me the same error message!

Sorry for the late answer, but try the following:
Start the engine from the “UE4Editor.exe” directly.
To do that, go to the engine folder, the default installation path should be something like “Program Files\Epic Games\UE_version”, and you’ll find the executable under “Engine\Binaries\Win64”.
While you’re there, check that you have the “Engine\Source” folder and that the code is there. If it’s not there, try reinstalling the engine entirely.
Otherwise, you can also try using the source engine from the github repository instead of the launcher one.

I also got the wrong message I resolve it while I dont know why I reinstall the VS and the engine ! reinstall the Engine first next the engine .otherwise use vs2017 not VS2019 .I think there can be something wrong of this!