Engine sound to Hover vehicle

Summary:I bought ArcadeVs from marketplace,but the developer is unresponsive to get help, so im posing the question here, hoping for assistance.

My Question:
im looking to add engine sound(crossfade by parameter) to the hover vehicle
I have made the engine sound cue and i want based on the vehicles forward movement, to add the engine sound.
I have followed the 2 tutorials online I could find for this, but without me having access to the driving components of the vehicle I can’t “get” the forward force.
I was wondering if there was another way I could get the forward motion/location of the mesh and increase the sound cue over time.
So when i press accelarate, and the mesh is moving increment sound cue.
Or any other way this would be possible.

Hoping for any kind of help.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the answer,
but how do i go about increasing the sound?
Any suggestions or tutorials i can follow?

I see in the documentation, he shows you how to setup accelerate and break keys:

Why not just increase the sound while accelerating and decrease it when breaking?

Spawn a sound connected to the car:

It can be connected to any component, it doesn’t have to be called ‘car’.

Then when the accelerate gets pressed:


and break:


Ha! - good actually… On the beginplay, instead of setting to 0.0, set to 0.001 :slight_smile:

No, only the begin play one needs ‘adjust volume level’ set to 0.01

Ok, looking at your code, the only error I see now is that you need to attach the sound to a ‘real’ thing. At the moment, you’re attaching the sound to itself… :slight_smile:

You could attached it to the exhaust, for instance…

PS: I did actually code this, so I know it works. I did it with a soundwave, not a cue though, don’t know if that makes any difference…

Assuming i did this right
adding all the above in the hovercar BP (add make.jpg following begin play)
if i do the above, by adding a sound component, soon as i press accelerate i get the below error.

“Blueprint Runtime Error: “Attempted to access AudioComponent_0 via property Audio, but AudioComponent_0 is pending kill”. Blueprint: BP_ArcadeVS_Kart_Light1 Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Arcade VS Kart Light 1 Graph: EventGraph Node: Adjust Volume”

:slight_smile: ive tried that!
i added all by 1 , all by 0, all by 1 to 0.1 ,
for all 3 connections,
always the same error

  • If i add a sound cue component, then i just get the sound cue at max value, no error
  • ive added a screenshot of my setup,
  • the print scripts are called simultaneously, without pressing an input

Sorry, my fault , didnt have sound as looping. thats what cased the error.
Now however i dont get an increase in sound
the sound is just constant

in either setup (sound component or sound cue)

Oh i know im doing something wrong, dont worry :slight_smile: (thanks for putting up with me )

here is my code again, attached a cube to the hovercar.
when i hit play, sound is constant , im using a soundwave sound component now!

Still something hinky going on… :slight_smile:

That line coming in from the left, coming from BeginPlay, right?

Also, don’t make the audio component up front.

Just put the spawn node there, choose the audio from the drop down list, on the spawn node, then right click the output pin and choose ‘promote to variable’.

That will make the right kind of object…

Yeap line coming in from left is from begin play.
If i add it to say event tick i get the below error:
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_SpawnSoundAttached_ReturnValue”. Blueprint: BP_ArcadeVS_Kart_Light1 Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Arcade VS Kart Light 1 Graph: EventGraph Node: Adjust Volume

(because car audio is not exposed in “Components” if i add it and tie it to the accelerate and break the error goes away but the sound never changes)

I did what you said and made car audio a promote variable, but still no change.

I’ve done all sorts of combinations, nothing seems to increase the volume as you drive.

If I change Acceleration =Adjust Volume to 0 (no sound)
If I change Acceleration =Adjust Volume to > 0 (constant volume at that level)

Try connecting the adjust volume nodes to some keys to cut possible problem with the axis node out:

Remember to enable input:



It works…