Engine Slowdowns

curious what could cause my computer to slow to a crawl after having the engine open for some time. If ive been working in the engine, compiling C++ and blueprints, and playing in the editor eventually my computer will slow down to almost unusable. Even if I close the engine it does not help and Im forced to reboot. What could be causing this? Any ideas? The same project works fine on my lesser machine though that machine never compiles any c++ or blueprints nor does it use pie.

During these slow down, does the engine use a lot even the 80% of the RAM ?

Im noticing it is using a good portion 60% normally of my 16GBs and then goes up to 80% when its slowing down. also Im noticing the slow downs almost always come after deleting an asset or compiling a BP. Doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason and can only be fixed by rebooting my machine.

I haven’t tried reinstalling the engine im using 4.18.3 but I would like to know other options if there are any before doing that. I tried verifying the engine last night which hasn’t helped. Also I tried deleting intermediate, VS, build, binaries and save folders and had everything rebuilt but no change.